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Dustin Ryan

The Formulation Room Founder, Dustin Ryan, has been a recording engineer since 1999 and life-long multi-instrument musician. Starting out as a high school passion, Dustin spent time interning at Sound Lab under Justin Dehart; expanding his technical skill as a student of the Sacramento City Audio Recording Program; and later further enhancing his ear with another internship and freelance work at J Street Recorders. At J Street he gained invaluable knowledge working under Brian Wheat of Tesla, and Grammy Award winner Michael Rosen, on the Neve 8108 console.

Currently, when he’s not toiling away the hours at The Formulation Room you’ll find him at the sound board as a live sound engineer for Cache Creek Casino Resort mixing for national touring acts.

David Marler

From a young age, lifelong musician David Marler, honed his recording and mixing skills while recording his own bands. In College, David put full focus on his recording skills and graduated from the Sacramento City Audio Recording Program and in late 2006, he partnered with Dustin at The Formulation Room as an in-house engineer and collaborator.

Brian Poole

Freelance Engineer Brian Poole has been working out of The Formulation Room since the Spring of 2010. Brian is a seasoned Engineer and accomplished Drummer that has been operating his Sacramento based recording business for over a decade, working on countless projects in just about every genre of music. Like all of us, Brian got into this business for one reason… his love of music!