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By Iftekhar A Karimi, Rajagopalan Srinivasan

Vol. 1. half A -- v. 2. half B

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The full parameter vector θ is then estimated along with α and β using a maximum likelihood procedure with our historical order set. In this case, simulation must be used to evaluate EG y [ Lkjt|J kt ] , since this quantity no longer has a closed form. Under the mixed model of demand, customers’ unshaped product choices reflect on their personal values of α and β , giving insight into each customer’s sensitivity to shaping actions, and the likelihood of accepting specific substitutes. , Revelt and Train (1999)), or more generally, on their history of product choices, we obtain an individualized mixing distribution, G y| j , that is used to assess various targeted action hs , a shaping attribute ~ z ( hs ) and an alternative product set J ( hs ) .

Coal is the most abundant and the fuel used most for the production of electricity. Oil is the most common source for the production of transportation fuels . Gas is globally the least abundant and is difficult to transport except by pipelin e, but is easy to clean, has the greatest energy content per unit of carbon, and traditionally has commanded the highest price. The present burning of fossil fuels for the production of energy results in the release of carbon dioxide, a portion of which dissolves in the ocean, but the remainder of which adds to the inventory in the atmosphere, currently increasing the CO2 concentration by a little more than 2ppm per year.

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