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By Susan Mallery

The unrelenting cheer in Fool's Gold, California, is bringing out the humbug in dancer Evie Stryker. She discovered early on that Christmas miracles don't ensue, a minimum of no longer for her. And this 12 months appears like no exception. An damage has pressured her to come back to the family members fold, regardless of that they're estranged. She won't upload to the awkward situation by way of being seduced by means of the bad-boy charms of her brother's ally, the final guy she should still ever are looking to date. even if she's recruited to level the Fool's Gold wintry weather competition, she vows to do as promised, then movement ahead along with her lifestyles wherever yet here.Jaded legal professional Dante Jefferson is being used to the backwater city he now reluctantly calls domestic, however the pounding of little dancers' ft above his transitority place of work is greater than any guy must have to take! whilst he confronts their attractive instructor, he's unprepared for the appeal that sears him all the way down to the soul. Evie is his most sensible friend's sister--off-limits until he's prepared to threat his center. Dante has consistently believed that love is the main harmful strength within the universe, yet that used to be prior to he needed to reckon with the magic of a definite small city, the place miracles do appear to happen....

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I motioned for my assistant, Emily, to follow me. “We need to order a huge cake, Em. ’ And get some beer and wine, too. And lots of food. ” Emily nodded her head, smiling as she realized exactly what celebration I was referring to. She wrote down all of my instructions for the party and left my office to start the planning. I turned to my laptop and noted the ninety-seven emails that had come in since I’d started the Pepsi brainstorming session earlier that morning. Nine of them were from Jack. Then, within one minute of sitting at my desk, another arrived.

After dinner, of which Nate ate almost none, we let him pick our Friday night movie. As he always did, Nate asked for Spider-Man. But twenty minutes into the movie he stood up, said nothing, and walked out of the room as though he couldn’t get out of there quickly enough. ” Grace asked, nodding towards the door. I glanced at Pete, who shrugged. “I cannot stand this movie. And Nate always picks it,” Grace continued, rolling her eyes. “So, like, if we’re not watching Spider-Man, can I go too? ” I closed my eyes, digging deep for patience with my overly dramatic daughter, and let her go so she could text her best friends.

I try to ignore the blood. My lip stops stinging. Noah is ahead of me. I ride fast to catch up. The cold air keeps burning my lungs. I ride faster. I laugh out loud because my insides feel cold but my skin feels like it’s burning. We get to the park. We sit on the swings. I pump my feet as hard as I can. I want to go high. As high as Noah. Higher. Higher. Higher. 51 I feel excited. Then I get scared. But I kind of like it. I like feeling scared. So I jump off the swing. I hit the ground. I hit it hard.

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