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Some neuro-psychologists (Mishkin and Petri 1984; Mishkin et al. 1984; Squire 1987; Squire and Zola-Morgan 1991) re-cast the distinction between semantic and episodic memory procedural vs. declarative, respectively. The visual information-processing system . The lexical origin of grammatical morphology may not hold quite as absolutely in the case of gestural-visual communication (sign language), where at least some scholars report that most grammatical morphemes evolve directly from more iconic but non-lexical gestures (Pettito 1992).

Earlier precursors of this paper can be found in Givón (1995, 1998) . For an innatist position, even a non-extreme one, to be upheld, one must demonstrate that at least some language-processing modules are never activated during the performance of non-linguistic tasks. For an extreme emergentist position to be upheld, one must show that every language-processing module is still activated during the performance of at least some non-linguistic task. . In his De Partibus Animalium, Aristotle, the founder of empirical biology, observes that biological design (‘structures’) made no sense unless interpreted as purposive instruments (‘functions’), an observation that remains foundational to modern biology: .

One Word at a Time: The Use of Single Word Utterances Before Syntax. The Hague: Mouton. ƒE. and Milberg W. 1983. ‘‘Automatic and controlled processing in speech/ language deficits in aphasia’’. Symposium on Automatic Speech. Minneapolis: Academy of Aphasia. Bowerman, M. 1973. Early Syntactic Development. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. ƒC. 1979. ‘‘Syntactic deficits in Broca’s aphasia’’. In Biological Studies of Mental Processes, D. Caplan (ed). : MIT Press. , and Kertesz A. 1988. ‘‘Semantic encoding of pictures and words: Some neuropsychological observations’’.

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