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By Harry Henderson

This complete A-to-Z biographical dictionary explores the varied team of inventors, scientists, marketers, and visionaries within the laptop technology box. The state of the art, modern entries and knowledge at the computing device provide a glimpse into not just their force but additionally their demanding situations in making a new type of company and a brand new form of tradition.

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During his college years, he worked during the summers for General Electric and various manufacturing companies, as well as studying the emerging field of digital electronics. S. S. ” In Australia, Bell entered fully into the world of programming and computer design while teaching courses and helping with various projects. After returning to the United States in 1959, Bell decided to work toward his doctorate while pursuing another interest: acoustics and sound systems. His thesis adviser suggested that he might want to help develop the TX-0, a new type of computer being built by MIT.

But Bartik would not end up being such a “computer”—she would learn to program one. As Jean Bartik (standing) and Betty Holberton answered a call for “computers” during World War II. At the time, that was the name for a clerical worker who performed calculations. But these two computer pioneers, shown here at a reunion, would go on to develop important programming techniques for the ENIAC and later machines. (Courtesy of the Association for Women in Computing) one of a handful of pioneering programmers for ENIAC, the world’s first general-purpose electronic digital computer, Bartik was in on the ground floor of a technology and industry that would change the world.

There he helped design video terminals and computerized typesetting systems. His most important achievement at that time, however, was designing and partly writing one of the earliest word processing programs, called WP-8. When DEC wanted him to move to an office in New Hampshire, Bricklin decided to go back to school instead to get a degree in business administration. In 1977 he went to Harvard Business school. Bricklin continued his programming work and interest in software design, but he was also interested in gaining more knowledge of and experience in business.

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