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By Gary Winship

'Why will we take medicinal drugs? i have not the faintest inspiration, yet Gary Winship has a damned reliable move at telling me the reply. a few may perhaps say it is a mostly educational booklet, yet as an ex-psychiatric nurse and a Jo Public for the final twenty-five years, i would say there is something in the following for everybody. now we have all taken medicines sooner or later in our lives (except, possibly, my grandma) so a technique to determine why is through studying this interesting book.'- Jo model, comedian, writer, and actress

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These experiences confronted Andrew with the very experience of intimacy that his OCD defended against. Inasmuch as his delusions had over time reduced all elements of social interaction to close to zero, therapy was a process of agonizing re-socialization. He did become extremely depressed and suicidal during his recovery as his obsessions abated, and some of his unconscious homicidal rage was transformed and identified in relation to conscious ordinary relationships with family, peers, and therapists.

Notably, it is in the comity of myths, folklore, and tales of birth and renewal, across continents and religions, where we see the concept of creation, including the creation of the universe itself, embedded on occasions in the narrative of mankind’s experience of intoxication. For instance, in the ancient Hindu myth it is said that while the god Shiva (also known as Siva) churned the Milky Way, creating the cosmos, the natural herbaceous hallucinogen hashish was born at the same time. C R E AT I O N M Y T H S A N D B R E A S T J U N K I E S 23 It is also told that while creating the cosmos, Shiva held the poison of the world in abeyance in his throat.

When she was injected with morphine after an operation she asked for milk and liked it. The following day she could no longer take it (1930, pp. 22–23). There is another piece of milk evidence in William Burroughs’s Naked Lunch (1959), which like most of Burroughs’s writings, is drawn from his life-long habit of using opiates. In the Naked Lunch Burroughs’s corporeal alter ego and drug pimp Dr Benway is responsible for many despotic acts including teasing a man who is desperately craving for milk chocolate: Benway takes the chocolate bar from his pocket, removes the wrapper and holds it in front of the man’s nose.

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