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By D. M. Brewis, I. Mathieson

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35 References and Abstracts In PP film, pretreated with CH4 plasma to deposit a barrier layer and then with CF4/CH4 plasma, flame retardancy is improved. The surface flame retardancy of surface crosslinking by CH4 plasma is confirmed by the burning rate and TGA analysis. According to the change in burning rate over the entire range of %CF4 in the CF4/CH4 mixture, the whole range can be divided into three regions. The regions are distinguished by their mechanistic aspects of flame retardancy, which is due to the different mechanistic aspects of PP surfaces exposed to CF4/CH4 plasmas.

Chemical changes induced in the PTFE surface were identified using XPS and SIMS and the data obtained compared with changes in wettability observed by means of contact angle measurements. 39 refs. Conference proceedings. Dallas, Texas, 6th-10th May, 2001, paper 38 USE OF MALEIC ANHYDRIDE-CONTAINING CONCENTRATES TO AFFECT ADHESION BETWEEN POLYETHYLENE AND ETHYLENEVINYL ALCOHOL Kamykowski G W Rohm & Haas Co. (SPE) Adhesion between the layers of five-layer coextruded cast films was investigated. The films comprised a central layer of poly(ethylene-co-vinyl alcohol) (EVOH), outer layers of high density polyethylene, and tie layers consisting of 31 References and Abstracts varying amounts of maleic anhydride-modified polyethylene-containing concentrates with various diluting resins.

The blends were characterised by wettability, miscibility and morphological studies. Wettability, determined by dynamic contact angle measurements, was improved by the maleated EPDM additions. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy showed an increase in oxygen with increasing grafted EPDM content. The domain size also decreased with increasing maleic 36 anhydride content. The blends were heterogeneous, with the glass transition temperature increasing with increasing interaction. 42 refs. 63-70 INVESTIGATION ON THE OXIDATION OF SURFACE LAYERS OF POLYOLEFINS TREATED WITH CORONA DISCHARGE Zenkiewicz M Metalchem The results of an X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic investigation of the oxidation of surface layers of LDPE and biaxially-oriented PP (BOPP) films are presented.

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