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This publication offers a research of varied vital elements of Tamazight Berber syntax in the generative culture. >

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As pointed out above, such examples are ungrammatical as shown in (25). The second reason is: if d is a focus marker, as Boukhris (1998) ao Tamazight Verb Morphology and Clause Structure 45 claims, then why doesn't it occur with verbs in the Perfective form in sentences denoting past tense or with verbs in the Imperfective form in sentences denoting present tense? Examples (27) and (28) show that d cannot be used as a focus marker in sentences in the past tense and the present tense. PER Fut "He certainly left" (28) *d-la ytaddu.

Since Cis the head that originally bears cp-features, T will never receive these features if C is never merged. However, the hypothesis that if Cis merged, it transfers its q>-features toT, and we get a q>-complete T, seems to be a mere stipulation. IfC is what bears the cp-features, we should expect the following three logical possibilities: ( 42) C-to-T W-Features Transfer a. C transfers its q>-features to T and does not keep a copy of these features. C does not transfer its q>-features to T at all.

27) Goal Ahead bearing [+interpretable] features situated within the probe's c-command domain. Only lexical categories from Chomsky's (2000) discussion seem to be goals. The definition in (27) subsumes that the goal only bears interpretable features, which is not the case within Chomsky's DbP system. For the goal to be accessible or "visible" to the probe two conditions have to be met: (a) the goal has to be in the probe's c-<:ommand domain, and (b) the goal has to bear an uninterpretable feature that renders it Active.

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