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5 Factors in community labelling6 1 2 3 4 Trouble due to drinking Personal effect drinking Preoccupied drinking Uncontrolled drinking. It is worth underlining that according to the people of Iowa, and it is unlikely that they are unusual, it is those people for whom drinking is personally effective and who drink frequently because of that who are in danger of having their drinking labelled as problematic. Conversely, those who drink a little because of the social circumstances in which they find themselves, who respond to 'peer pressure', but are not seeking or achieving any worthwhile psychological effects and who may well not really like what they are doing are most unlikely to be called problem drinkers.

Self-assessment questions 1 2 3 4 5 What volume of alcohol does a British 'standard unit' contain? List some factors that determine the psychological effects of alcohol. What does drunk mean? What is functional drinking? What factors make it likely that a drinker will be labelled problematic? 1, label the parts of the body you feel will be affected by inappropriate or excessive alcohol use. When you have read the chapter, repeat the exercise to see if your understanding is the same or has improved.

What is the name of the enzyme group responsible for breaking down alcohol? Approximately how long would it take to metabolise four pints of beer? How much alcohol would you advise people to drink to reduce the risk of coronary (ischaemic) heart disease? Why do heavy drinkers sometimes develop gout? Name five clinical features accompanying withdrawal from alcohol. Name four conditions for which you would recommend large doses of vitamin Bx (thiamine), as well as abstinence. What life-threatening condition may accompany drinking in young children and binge drinking?

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