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By Aldo Ghizzetti (auth.), Aldo Ghizzetti (eds.)

A. Ghizzetti: a) Lezioni sui procedimenti di quasilinearizzazione e applicazioni. b) Nozioni fondamentali sulle equazioni alle differenze e sulle frazioni continue.- P. Wynn: 4 lectures at the numerical software of persisted fractions.- W. Gautschi: energy and weak spot of three-term recurrence relation.- F.L. Bauer: Use of endured fractions and algorithms regarding them.

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4, 369-374 (1967) Fry, F. , Cowan, W. : A study of retrograde cell degeneration in the lateral mammillary nucleus of the cat, with special reference to the role ofaxonal branching in the preservation of the cel!. J. comp. Neuro!. : Discussion. In: Neural mechanisms of the auditory and vestibular systems, p. 218, eds. G. L. Rasmussen and W. F. : Silver impregnation of degenerating dendrites, cells and axons central to axonal transection. 1. A Nauta study on the hypoglossal nerve in kittens. Exp.

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Lesions of All and Ep provoke only "marginal alterations" in the MGB but, when alesion of any of these areas involves also AI, the degeneration in the rostral 2/3of the MGB is much more intense than after isolated lesions of AI. It is concluded that the rostral 2/3 of the MGB have an essential projection to AI and sustaining projections to All and Ep. Ablation of the insulo-temporal cortex causes evident degeneration in the caudal pole of the parvicellular MGB. Degeneration is much more marked in the caudal MGB when the lesion involves All as well, and extends to its magnocellular part when there is a simultaneous lesion of AI.

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