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OCH fl COOH B. p-Nitrophenoxyacetic Acid, The reaction of phenols with alkyl halides or dimethyl sulfate in the presence of alkali to combine with the acid liberated is, of course, well known. The following preparation 2 is selected as an example of the variety of alkyl compounds that enter into this reaction, it being, of course, possible to consider chloroacetic acid, ClCH a CO a H, as a methyl halide in which one of the hydrogens has been replaced by a carboxyl group. 35 g- °f jfr-nitrophenol, 40 g.

6 g. of sodium wire added. The mixture is cooled with ice water, after which 39 g. of isoamyl nitrite are added in small portions with shaking and continued cooling, the addition *Cf. Gaisen and M&nasse, Ann. 974, 73 (1893), 56 ADVANCED LABORATORY MANUAL of the nitrite taking 10-15 minutes It should also be remembered that isoamyl nitrite is quite volatile and extremely toxic The reaction may be considered to take place as follows CO 2C 8 H 1 4 < I + Na 2 + C B H n O N O » CH a CO CHOH C8H14< I + C 8 H 14 < I + C6HuONaB C:NONa CH 2 Punfication.

Footnote, p 1300 O F ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 61 E. Oxidation with Hydrogen Peroxide: d-Arabinose, 18 H H H OH l | I I OH H O — C —C — C —C —C< (a- and I I I / H 125 g. of calcium gluconate are dissolved in 375 cc. 5 atoms of active oxygen, and 25 cc. of a basic ferric acetate solution containing 5 per cent of iron (prepared by adding with vigorous stirring, a solution of 18 g. of ferric sulfate in 500 cc. 5 cc of concentrated aqueous ammonia diluted with 150 cc. of water. , is added to 13 g. of acetic acid, stirred until dissolved, and diluted to 50 cc ).

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