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By Arthur C. Clarke

Males had outfitted towns sooner than, yet by no means this type of urban as Diaspar; for millennia its protecting dome shutout the creeping decay and risk of the area outdoor. as soon as, it held powers that ideas the celebrities. yet then, as legend had it, The invaders got here, using humanity into this final shelter. It takes one guy, a special to wreck via Diaspar's stifling inertia, to damage the legend and become aware of the genuine nature of the Invaders.

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Target reticules flicker and datagheists glow, each searching for a thousand different iterations of the enemy commander-form’s silhouette. When a positive ident is achieved, that Ballistarius will be rewarded with the chime of a brass bell and an intravenous dump of hyperfocus stimulants. The information is quickly shared with the hunter’s squadron, and their Ironstrider engines, formerly pounding across the battlefield at a fearsome pace, will slow to an exaggerated stalk. For a Sydonian Dragoon to attempt this would risk his steed toppling, but the gyroscopic stabilisers attached to each Ballistarius’ Ironstrider engine compensate.

After slaying an Ork Gargant in a gruelling duel, Mannheim ordered his badly wounded Titan Steel Hammer to selfdestruct, his sacrifice killing another two Gargants and burning out the heart out of the Ork offensive in the process. RYZA - Furnace of Shackled Stars The forge world of Ryza has been plunged into the abyss of war. The planet was once famous for supplying containment fields and plasma weaponry – the Leman Russ Executioner and Stormblade super-heavy tank were born within its armour cradles.

After his Onagers’ neutron lasers set the skies aflame, each new rain of Tyranid spores incinerates those xenos planetside instead of reinforcing them. A triumphalist data-codex is compiled and sent to the nearby forge world of Accatran, where it is swiftly filed away in the Archive Anomalis and forgotten. M41 WAAAGH! GRAX The brutal juggernaut of Waaagh! Grax spills through the star systems of Ryza. Legions of Skitarii counter-attack alongside Catachans and liberated human slaves. Word of the intense fighting attracts Waaagh!

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