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Soon more copies were printed. A French translation of the book was also published. At age 46, Cook could look forward to retiring in style from his post at the Greenwich Hospital. But Cook Ch. 6 11/25/08 3:09 PM Page 51 Cook’s Final Voyage he also expressed his willingness to serve his country if needed. He did not have to wait long. Following the gale during the second voyage that separated the Adventure from the Resolution, Captain Furneaux had stopped at Tahiti. There he took aboard a native who wished to see England.

But a question remained: could a continent exist even farther south of the waters in which Cook had sailed? The government wanted this question settled once and for all. In the autumn of 1771, a few months after Cook returned home to his family, he received a new assignment: search the bottom of the world for a continent. The government promised to provide two ships. Cook quickly arranged for two colliers like the Endeavour to be hauled into dry dock and refitted. The Resolution, Cook’s flagship, was 111 feet in length and 35 feet wide in the middle for the 110 crewmen and scientists aboard.

New York: William Morrow and Company, 1987. 62 Cook back matter 11/25/08 3:10 PM Page 63 Index Aborigines, 38 Adventure, 42, 44, 45, 46, 51, 52 Australia, 34, 35, 37-38, 41 Banks, Joseph, 26, 33, 37, 38, 41, 43 Batavia ( Jakarta), 38-39 Bougainville, Louis-Antoine de, 31 Chronometer, 9, 44, 57 Clerke, Charles, 51 Cook, Elizabeth Batts (wife), 25 Cook, Grace Pace (mother), 15 Cook, James and Canada, 18-19, 20, 23 childhood of, 15-17 death of, 13, 56-57 family life of, 25, 42 and first voyage to the Pacific, 21, 23-29, 31-39, 41-42, 50 and Greenwich Hospital, 49, 50 as merchant seaman, 17-18 and Nootka Indians, 9-10, 11-13, 52, 56 and second voyage to the Pacific, 42-47 and third voyage to the Pacific, 910, 52-57 Cook, James Sr.

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