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Hey, we love what we do and wish we could do it for free, but like everyone else we have bills to pay. We are very competitive with our rates and pride ourselves in staying within our client’s budget. For more information please contact lead engineer and booking manager Dustin Ryan 916-952-9170.

The (not so) fine print: Sessions are by appointment only with a 50% deposit
and booked in half-day (4 hours) and full day (8-10 hour) blocks.
Deposits are non refundable when cancellations
occur within 10 days of a booked session.



We record Albums, EPs and Demos for bands and solo artists. We specialize in multi-tracked recordings using our Pro Tools HD3 system and Outboard Gear.

Vocal Tuning / Sample Replacement

Melodyne is a very natural sounding pitch correction program. Got “pitchy” sounding vocals?… we can tune them right up for you! Drum sample replacement can add consistancy to a performance and salvage a less-than-stellar drum sound.

Drum Sessions

Record your fully mic’d Drum Kit here in our beautiful live room on our high-end system. We will then transfer the files for you to finish your own tracking on your system.

Mixing / Editing

If you have your own tracks pre-recorded, we will mix them for you and get them ready for mastering…. editing the “dead air” from a Vocal track or even the Tom tracks can give lots of punch and clarity to a Mix.

Analog Summing / Stem Mixing

Pro Tools is great!… but using an Analog Summing Mixer can really open up a “dull” or “boxy” sounding mix. By creating stereo stems within your mix we can address the problematic areas of your mix while leaving the rest untouched.

Freelance Engineers…

The Formulation Room welcomes Pro Tools savvy Freelance Engineers. Making music is our passion, and if you share that passion you’ll fit right in. Contact Dustin Ryan for rates and studio tours.